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Mt. Fuji is often considered as a Japanese symbol.  Its height is 12,389 ft.  It is not as high  as mountains in North America, but it is famous for its well balanced shape.  

About the mystery of prayer

It is said that God works in a mysterious way.  For a long time I did not understand the mystery of prayer.  I thought as follows.  "If God is in control of everything, he knows everything.  Whether or not I pray, God will do His divine will anyway.  What differences do I make by praying to God?  Also I thought about human free will.  If man is given free will, how can God lead him to the way he does not desire to go?"  These were serious theological questions for me.    But I have realized they are based on only a human logic.  After I have pondered over the mystery of prayers and read some books on the subject of  prayer, I now believe God interacts with us as we pray to Him.   God is pleased to see us praying and hear our prayers.  I believe God graciously responds to our prayers and petitions and gratitudes.